Forecasts of early rain did not really eventuate however, some heavy dews and frosts and a wet Friday afternoon saw the whole course soften, “relief to a handspan through the general area” was again given.  The round began with very cold air, some sun and 20+Kph wind from the the SW.  It was going to be a tough day, accuracy off the tee and approaching the green was paramount.  To add to the challenge a burst of rain about half way through the round saw players under trees or umbrellas for about 15b minutes.  Once the shower passed the sun came out and it was a pleasant afternoon.    A highlight of the day was an eagle by Mitch Atlas on the Par 4 5th.  His second shot hit the edge of the cup and dropped in, top effort.  Scoring was tough and only one player was able to do better than their handicap. Results were;

1st; Luke Lyons –  89/17/72

2nd; Mick Nicholls Snr – 99/25/74

3rd; Andrew Laing – 89/17/74

NTPs; 15th – Bob McLennan