A good field turned out for the July medal and while the predicted 130 Kph gusts of wind didn’t really eventuate it was a cold and very windy afternoon on the course.  The wind gusted from the north then the east before moving back and forth for most of the afternoon.  Players found themselves choosing clubs two up or two down from their regular selection, it all depended if the the wind was with you or against you.  Some played their shot, allowing for the wind only to have a lull and end up well off target or have the wind blow up and, again, end up well off target.  It was a day for steady golf and it was a couple older heads and two younger players who were able to card a respectable score.  On a challenging day the results were;

Winner & July Medalist; Shannon Wright – 87/15/72 from Anthony Freeman – 93/19/74, Andrew Clement – 83/9/94 & Daniel Wright – 79/5/74

NTPs; 15th – Anthony Lakey and 16th – Michael Nicholls Jnr.