Another ~10mm of rain during the week saw a wet course just that little bit wetter, this with the cold air and a breeze that moved from  NE to N made for a difficult day on the Park.  A strong field teed off happy to take on the conditions and looking forward to a challenging round of golf. It soon became clear that players had to be “spot on” with their club selection or risk balls “dropping and stopping: well short of the intended landing zone.  Despite the conditions, “occasional golfer” Daniel Wright seemed to have few problems.  His front nine squared the card and some amazing recovery shots on the back nine saw him do the same coming in with a 72 off the stick.  Others, with less godly skills, had  more up and down rounds.  However, two of the club’s much loved veterans played, under the conditions, admirable golf.  On a very cold afternoon on a wet course the day’s results were;

Winner; Daniel Wright – 72/3/69

July Medalist; Les Gaunt – 81/7/74 from Bob McLennan – 90/13/77

NTPs; 1st – Mick Squire, 15th – Hugh Drummond & 16th – Andrew Laing

Least Putts; John Laing – 25

RGC Play-9 Representatives; Chris vanDerVliet – 36.5 & Mick Squire – 37.5