Heavy rain had been predicted from Wednesday but only a good sprinkling arrived over Friday night, nevertheless players had to cope with wet fairways and greens as well as the summer corella damage on some greens and across most of Romsey Park.  The damage is so great that a few areas of the rough looked as if they have been ploughed!  The light drizzle continued as players headed out to the tee for the club’s 4BBB Stroke round, it was not until half way through the round that the drizzle lifted and players considered taking off their jumpers/waterproofs.  Despite the conditions teams found one player scoring well on just about every hole.  It took an excellent back nine to seperate the winners from the remainder of the field.  On a cool, damp afternoon the results were;

Winners; Shannon Wright/Mick Nicholls Jnr – 63 C/B from Ron Walker/Clive Mensforth & Steve Wilkins/Davey Kenney – 64

NTPs; 15th & 16th Mick Nicholls Snr.