With the day’s temperature predicted to be 34C the club’s heat safety policy did not need to be activated. Conditions meant that those in carts were hoping for a more relaxed afternoon but as the round wore on some found there was little truth in that. The field teed off with a steady NE breeze to cool things down a little and to add just a bit of spice when shots got above the tree line. The warm, dry air saw balls travel surprising distances providing some players with quite short approach shots. However, in the end the hot, dry conditions took their toll on many golfers out and it was a battle between two of the cart pairs to win the day. The day’s results were;

Winning pair – Jim Patton (21)/Mick Nicholls Sr who celebrated his 80th birthday at the beginning of Jan, (24) – 71 points from Andrew Laing (19)/John Laing (30) – 67 points
NTPs; 1st – Jim Patton, 15th – Daniel Wright (very close to jackpot) & 16th – Andrew Laing