With rain  predicted on Thursday to be followed by a very heavy downpour for most of Friday both greens and surrounds were cut on Thursday afternoon however only a few of the fairways were mown.  Over 50mm fell; there was water in the top dam, the bottom dam was almost full and a few fairways had casual water.  However, the recent drainage works did a great job moving a great deal of the water off Romsey Park.  Looking on the bright side, the couch would be loving this additional water but golfers were going it find it a little tougher than over the last few weeks.  Despite the softer fairways, with their longer grass and the odd spot of surface water a number of golfers were able to play to or better than their handicaps.  On a still, sunny afternoon the results were;

Winner and January Medalist; Davey Kenney – 87/19/68 from Mick Squire – 74/4/70, Rob Slade – 94/23/71 & Mal Mottram – 80/9/71

NTP; 15th – Mick Squire

Leat Putts; Steve Wilkins – 23