Despite the temperature reaching into the 30s it was an excellent day for the January Monthly Medal.  The wind, firstly from the NW before swinging around to the SW was a fairly steady 15 – 20 Kph; it did not really affect balls in the air but did help to cool the players.  The last few days of higher temperatures had dried the rough and some sections of the fairways giving players excellent value for well struck drives.  The greens, those not dined up by our Little Corellas, continue to putt very true an their condition is a credit to the hard work of Les Gaunt and other members.  The round saw the return of past club champion Darren Freestone.  He obviously liked the place!  On a hot, dry day the results were;

Winner and January Medalist; Darren Freestone – 81/12/69 from Kevin Dunn – 94/24/70, Mick Nicholls (Snr) – 95/24/71, John Laing –  102/31/71, John Freestone – 94/23/71, Anthony Freeman – 94/22/72, Mick Nicholls (Jnr) – 94/22/72 & Chris vanDerVliet – 97/25/72
NTPs; 1st – John Laing & 15th – Mick Nicholls (Jnr)
Least Putts; Kevin Dunn – 25