Another amazing week, 36C on Tuesday, cool, overcast weather for the following two days then almost 20mm of steady rain on Friday.  The course was again in good condition and the wily old heads prepared to take full advantage. There was a 25 – 30 Kph wind from the SSW which later swung around to the S, this played havoc with the final few oles where the OOB on the 18th cost a number of players shots.  The course had soaked up the rain very well but there were a few wet patches here and there where balls plugged or picked up mud, no relief was given except fo plugged balls.  The round finished with two of the club’s veterans fighting it out over the final few holes, even then it was almost too close to split them.  On another almost spring day the results were;

Winner; Les Gaunt (4) – 35 pts C/B from John Freestone (23)
NTPs; 15th – Les Gaunt &  16th – Bob Dwyer