Despite the intermittent rain on Friday that  gave some slight relief from the baking heat of Monday to Thursday Romsey Park had continued to dry out giving extra run across the whole course.  Texas Ambrose allows teams to take the best drive (each player must take a number of drives), team members then play out their own ball with the best two scores per hole being counted.  The round began with a steady southerly breeze, this moved about during the afternoon before settling down from the south-west.  Teams planned to average four points per hole feeling they would be in with a good chance, however, little did they know.  The hard fairways saw most players driving well passed expected distances setting up many birdie opportunities.  The greens were in top nick and players who putted directly at the cup were often rewarded, others, who felt there was more movement usually saw their putts slide well passed.  On a warm and windy afternoon the results were;

Winners; Ron Walker (24)/John Freestone (21)/Mick Nicholls Snr (22) – 100 pts from Pat Chisholm (12)/Jim Patton (19)/Mick Squire (7)/Chris Lingard(3) – 95 pts & Rob Rea (17)/Ron Hobbs (21)/Bob Dwyer (36) – 92 pts

NTPs; 15th John Freestone (got the $100 jackpot!) & Wendy Gosden