As with last week excellent rain fell all around Romsey but the town received less than 5mm on Friday morning.  Some innovations had stalled the corella attacks on a few greens but the birds had still made their presence felt.  A few large branches came down on the 8th fairway making for a busy clean-up early on Friday so a busy end to the week.  The round of Texas Ambrose got underway with clear skies and a steady south/south-westerly wind. The fairways had dried out a little but the greens and surrounds were in top nick, largely because of the ongoing work of Steve Wilkins who daily repairs the damage caused by the corellas.  It was good to welcome back  Michael McCarten, on leave from the 7th Regiment.  This form of Ambrose, taking the best two stableford scores on each hole, often returns high scores; everyone knew they had to play well to be in with any chance of winning the day.  On a warm, clear, breezy afternoon the results were;

1st; Mick Nicholls Snr(24)/Darlene Baker(19)/Keith Hocking(32) – 96pts.

2nd; Steve Wilkins(18)/Anthony Lakey(19)/Rob Rea(19) – 94 pts.

3rd; Les Gaunt(9)/Andrew Clement(8)/Craig Sandy(20)/Mitch Clement(10) – 93 pts

NTPs; 15th Les Gaunt & Darlene Baker, 16th Brad Klaaysen