Another hot, still summer’s day.  Plenty of run on the fairways and the greens and surrounds in top nick.  A strong field hit-off and found conditions changing as a steady southerly breeze blew up.  While the breeze cooled the afternoon it brought it own problems and it was especially dangerous once a ball got above the treeline and many players found themselves in the trees trying to chip back to the fairway.  The front nine saw numerous players shooting at or below their handicaps so excellent scoring was expected.  However, the back nine saw the wind strengthen causing problems off the tee on some holes and making the OOB on the 18th a real concern for anyone who had the slightest of slices.  On a windy afternoon the results were;

Winner; Chris vanDervliet – 95/25/70 C/B from Les Gaunt – 78/8/70, Mick Nicholls Snr – 95/23/72 & Hugh Drummond – 93/21/72

NTPs; 1st Les Gaunt, 15th – Les Gaunt & Elizabeth Manktelow & 16th – Chris Manktelow