Another strong field teed off in the club’s stroke competition.  After just under 20mm of rain overnight the course was a deal softer and it was expected that  balls would pick up mud so “mark, lift, clean, replace” was brought into play.  The wind was again quite unusual; starting in the south then moving to the east and oscillating between the two for the remainder of the round.  The irrigation had worked hard over the recent hot weeks and there was good coverage on most fairways, the greens and surrounds  remained in excellent condition.  In the end it was a tight affair with a count back over the back six holes required to decide the winner.  On a windy afternoon the results were;

Men’s Winner; Keith Hocking – 98/27/71 C/B John Freestone – 92/21/71, Michael Reid – 98/26/72 & John Laing – 101/29/72

Women’s Winner; Lis Manktelow – 98/24/74

NTPs; 15th – Anthony Lakey, 16th – Clive Mensforth