A strong field took to the course for the second part of the The Summer Cup’s round 1.  The round began with a steady wind from the south which wandered across to the east (very unusual) then back again.  Many members had been hard at work raking up leaves, small branches and bark, both cleaning up Romsey Park and giving golfers a better surface from which to play.  Despite the wind a number of players were able to card good scores, however, the stand-out performance came from current club champion Mick Squire;  On a breezy, mild summer’s day the results were;

Winner; Mick Squire (4)  +4 from Rob Rea (19) & Sherif Abdel-Sayers (27)  both +3, Mitch Atlas (11) , Dave Kenney (29), Hugh Drummond (21) & Mal Mottram (9) all +1

Women’s Winner; Lis Manktelow (24) +1

NTPs; 1st – Mick Squire, 15th – Mal Mottram & 16th – Hugh Drummond