Play began in overcast conditions with some drizzle, the drizzle strengthened and umbrellas came out for the first six holes. Very uncomfortable golf, but eventually the sun broke through and everyone dried out.  The golf was a little like the weather, fairly ordinary at the start but steadily improving as the afternoon wore on.  No-one could complain about the fairways or greens however, there were a few of the perennials comments about the putts that just lipped out or that hit the flag pole and bounced back, a bit like a fishing trip.  Despite the better conditions over the final 12 holes only one player was able to better his handicap.  On cool, overcast afternoon the results were;

Winner; Davey Kenney (18) +5 from Sherif Abdel Sayed (26) Sq, Mal Mottram (9) -2 & Mick Squire (3) -2

NTPs; 1st Mick Squire