The second part of the first round of the 2022 Summer Cup was played under slightly overcast conditions with an intermittent wind from the S/SW.   Later in the day the clouds lifted and the sun shone through making for a very pleasant final few holes.  Recent rains and reworking the irrigation regime saw far more green across the whole course, the couch is coming, may take a year or so but it is certainly present in all fairways.  The greens and surrounds were in top nick so no excuses there.  Par, always a tough game saw some excellent results, many near misses and the usual number of balls stopping just off the hole when a drop meant a positive.  On a top day to be out on the park the results were;

Winner; Davey Kenney (16) – +5

2nd; Mitch Atlas (11) – +4

3rd; Mal Mottram (7) – + 3

NTPs; 1st – Mick Squire, 15th – Steve Wilkins