After another very hot week the ~10mm of rain late on Wednesday merely replaced a little of the moisture that the sun and wind had sucked out.  There were some spots of “Brown Patch” on a few greens but otherwise they remained in excellent condition.  The additional in ground piping (Ta Rob Mitchell) and the 2nd pump (Ta Bendigo Bank) had made it possible to deliver more water to the whole course but in Jan/Feb all you can really hope to do is “hold the line”.  Play began in hot and windy conditions with winds of 25 – 30Kph gusting in from the NNE making the 6th & 13th holes play considerably shorter and seeing many shots being pushed well wide of the fairways.  Towards the end of the round the wind swung around to the NW making the 15th and 16th par 3s very challenging.  Many players went +, -, +, – and thought they were in for a reasonable day but poor driving and some inconsistent bounce on the fairways saw many seemingly good shots end up in very challenging  locations.  On a day when consistency was paramount only two players were able to play better than their handicaps.  On a hot and windy afternoon there results were;

Winner; Anthony Lakey (23) +3 from Mick Nicholls Jnr (17) +1 & Shannon Wright (11) – Square

Women’s Winner; Liz Manktelow (21) -6