A large field assembled on another almost perfect day for golf.  The Monthly Medal was up for all and the final round of the 2020 Summer Cup  saw seven players with a reasonable chance of “taking home the chocolates”.  The growing number of motorised buggies made it easier to spread the field; many groups teed off well away from the rooms.  Whilst there were still a few large cracks on a few fairway they did not interfere with the play.  Occasional wind from the east and the south had little effect on balls in the air and the greens, apart from a few who had been chewed up a little, putted very true so there were few excuses for poor scoring.  On a beautiful late summer’s day the results were;

Winner and January Medalist – Hugh Drummond – 88/21/67, from Mitch Atlas – 80/10/70, Pat Chisholm – 83/13/70 and Jim Patton – 90/18/72

NTP’s: 1st – Les Gaunt, 15th – Ron Walker & 16th – Mitch Atlas

Least Putts; 29 – Mitch Atlas C/B Mal Mottram