While the day dawned overcast and cool the skies soon cleared and the sun shone through.  The recent fertilising of the fairways and the modified irrigation regime saw good growth across the whole course; the barer patches are shrinking!  The strong field enjoyed the conditions and with the wind keeping to its gentle best some good scoring was expected.  Stroke often sees one bad hole destroy a players round and this was again the case for three players.  However, the day’s winner was able to play excellent golf all day.  On a top day to be out on the park the results were;

1st; Mal Mottram, – 76/7/69

2nd; Ron Walker – 95/24/71

3rd; Anthony Lakey – 93/19/74 C/B from Hugh Drummond & Clive Mensforth

NTPs; 15th & 16th – Mal Mottram