A few sunny and windy days at the end of the week had dried out the course a touch but more importantly promoted growth across the whole of Romsey Park.  Golfers were happy to walk to the tee  under clear skies with a temperature in the mid teens but a flukey wind from the N or NW made things difficult from the 1st hole.  Those who could hit long keeping the ball in the air often got good results but there was little to no distance once the ball landed.  The wind, which assisted on some holes, moved balls well off course on others and made the par 3s very challenging.   The wind punished all who were unable to play controlled golf, anything that had the slightest amount of side-spin often veered over the trees and on to the next fairway.  It really was a day for the more talented, low markers.  On a sunny, windy afternoon the results were;

Winner & August Medalist; Mick Squire – 77/5/72 from Mal Mottram – 86/10/76

NTPs; 15th – Mick Squire, 16th – Scott Williams

Least Putts; Mal Mottram – 27 C/B from Mick Squire