It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon, with virtually no wind, for the August Medal and the semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield.  With another 51mm of rain during the week the course was again way too wet for machinery so the fairways were soft with areas of long grass, plates had to watch carefully or risk losing a ball in the middle of the fairway.   As the cards came in it looked that a score of one under would take the day but the final group contained two top results.  

The W. E. Tom Shield semi-finals were both closely fought matches with all pairs playing excellent golf,  One final got to four-up before slowly getting back to all square by the 18th.  The other match was close until the 13th where a run of good holes saw the semi decided.  On a beautiful day to be out on the course the results were;

Winner & August Medalist – Josh Squire – 99/32/67

2nd; Mick Squire – 73/5/68

3rd;  Luke Lyons – 88/17/71

NTPs; 15th – Davey Kenney, 16th – Pat Chisholm 

Least Putts; Mick Squire – 23

The Semi Finals of the 2022 W. E. Tom Shield;

      1. Shannon Wright (7)/Daniel Wright (0) D Mal Mottram (3)/Davey Kenney (9) – 19th

     2. Pat Chisholm (0)/Mick Nicholls Jnr (1) D  John Freestone (15) /Bob McLennan (3)  – 3/2

The Final of the 2022 W. E. Tom Shield will be;

      1. Shannon Wright (7)/Daniel Wright (0) Vs Pat Chisholm (8)/Mick Nicholls Jnr (9)

RGC Captain Mal Mottram with August Medal winner Josh Squire