You would have been forgiven if you thought spring had come early; it was a stunning, sunny winter ‘s day with virtually no breeze.  While the fairways were still a little soft it was nothing compared to the week before.  There were a deal of good natured prognostications in the rooms before the strong field battled it out to make the top eight in the W. E Tom Shield qualifying round. Many players had good holes, however it was the couple of bad holes here and there that made it hard to score consistently. With the new growth over the last couple of weeks we have patches of non bent grass on a few of the greens that will need a little TLC; they were diverting the occasional putt.  On a beautiful, late winter’s day the results were;

Winners;  Scott Williams(15)/Chris vanDerVliet(27) – 39 pts C/B Steve Wilkins(16)/Mal Mottram(10) – 39 pts from John (28)/Andrew Laing(19) – 37 pts
The Quarter finals of the W. E. Tom Shield will be;
1 v 8 – S. Williams (0)/ C. vanDerVliet(12)  Vs K. Hocking(14)/M. Nicholls snr (5)
5 v 6 –  K. Dunn(14)/H. Drummond(8)  Vs P. Chisholm(0)/M. Nicholls jnr (3)
3 v 4 –  J (26) & A Laing \(17)  Vs C. Lingard(0)/J. Patton (18)
2 v 7 –  M. Mottram(7)/S. Wilkins(13)  Vs  A .Lakey(16)/D. Wright(0)