It was a small but hardy, some might say fool hardy, group who headed to the tee for the club’s stroke round.  The freezing cold and snow had not eventuated but golfers faced a gusting wind from the SW and a steady drizzle that fell for the first few holes.  Interestingly, despite the cold, about 25mm was cut off the fairways on Thursday just before the rain fell. Another 25mm of rain during the week had made the course very heavy and there was casual water on many fairways.  The greens were surprisingly firm so approach shots had to be “spot on” or players risked dropping short and plugging or hitting the back of the green and rolling off.  Numerous excellent second shots fell close to the green but  “slightly less than perfect” chip shots often saw golfers record poor scores on many holes.  The wind then shifted to the west and freezing rain fell over the final few holes making a challenging afternoon just that little bit more trying.  If was a difficult day on the course and posting a score close to your handicap was a luxury.  The day’s results were;

Winner; Mal Mottram – 90/10/80 from Anthony Lakey – 100/19/81 & Sherif Abdel-Sayed – 106/24/82