The run of wonderful autumn weather continued for the final of the 47th Algie Mitchell Shield and the club’s par competition. The fairways had excellent cover, especially in the irrigated areas, and there was more than a green tinge across the remainder of Romsey Park. The round began with clear skies and a gusting northerly wind, the wind moved to the west before settling from the north-west. Many a player hit during a lull only to find a gust moving their ball well off line, others found a gust to push their ball back to the fairway or green. The Algie Mitchell final proved to be a match of many surprises. John Freestone (9) played some remarkable golf and turned the corner just two over par. From there it was an uphill battle for John Moody (0). Given the inconsistent wind the week’s club competition, par, was surprisingly even with a a number of golfers just over their handicap. On a sunny, gusty day the results were;
Winner; Peter Scanlon (30) +1 from Les Gaunt (6) Square
NTPs; 1st Hugh Drummond & 15th – Mick Nichols Snr

Club captain, Anthony Lakey with 2017 Algie Mitchell Shield Winner John Freestone.