Another beautiful mid autumn afternoon, warm sunshine and nary a breath of wind.  The greens were back to their best and the surrounds were in top nick.  Fairways were still patchy but there was new growth across the whole course.  The Relative Pairs, a RGC Shield Event, was tightly fought with only one point separating the top two teams, the men’s pairs also saw only a one point difference between winners and runners-up while the mixed pairs was a bit more open.  On a beautiful afternoon the results were;

Relative Pairs; Jim Patton (19)/Chris Lingard (1) – 42 pts from Roger (19)/Darlene Baker  (18) – 41 pts.

RGC Captain Scott Williams with 2019 Relative Pairs winners Chris Lingard & Jim Patton

Men’s Pairs; Mick Nicholls Snr (22)/Keith Hocking 29) – 39 pts.

Mick Nicholls Snr & Keith Hocking

Mixed Pairs; Peter (32)/Elaine Scanlon (30) – 35 pts.

Peter & Elaine Scanlon

NTPs; 1st – Mitchell Clement, 15th – Andrew Clement & 16th – Darlene Baker