Play got underway with a steady, very cold NE wind and rain due later in the afternoon.  Given the weather forecast the club was happy with the good turnout.  Early in the round conditions were more benign but as groups headed into the back nine the drizzle started and the wind blew up.  Towards the end of the round the drizzle had strengthened; umbrellas were up and hands and grips were wet, towels were too damp to dry either.  Over the final holes more than  a few golfers saw their clubs twist and their shots head well off the intended line.   The 1/4 finals of the Algie Mitchell Shield got underway earlier in the day but most pairs were also caught by the challenging  conditions.  On a cool, damp day to be out on the course the results were;

Winner; Josh Squire (36) – 41 pts

2nd; Mal Mottram (7) – 38 p-ts

3rd; Scott Williams (13) – 36 pts

NTRPs; 1st & 15th – Scott Williams,

The Quarter finals of the Algie Mitchell Shield;

1. Davey Kenney 0) Vs 8. John Freestone (12) – Covid-19 Match Committee will rule on this final.

3. Mick Nicholls Jnr (0) D  6. Steve Wilkins (4) – 5/4

2. Mick Squire (0) D  7. Kev Dunn (22) – IUp

4. Scott Williams (6) D 5. Andrew Clement (0) – 1Up (Played earlier)

The Semi finals of the Algie Mitchell Shield;

Scott Williams () Vs ? ()