The April Monthly Medal, men and women, drew a large field and players headed out to the tees on yet another still, glorious afternoon for golf. The day also saw the last round of the Algie Mitchell Shield with Rob Rea and Jim Patton fighting out the final.  The fairways were still hard and dry allowing all payers to get great run the greens and surrounds were a different matter. With the Little Corellas finally moving on the repairs to the greens were  really taking root and all players were surprised by the speed of the closely cut and rolled greens.  A  large number of putts ended up shooting well passed the cup, others players, falling to read the new breaks, also ended up well passed their intended destination. Despite the wonderful conditions only three men and one women broke their handicaps.  On another dry, late autumn day the results were;
A Grade;  Robert  McLennan 83/12/71
B Grade & Monthly Medallist: Kevin Dunn 95/25/70 from Sherif Abdel Sayed 94/23/71
Monthly Medallist; Jenny Hartley 97/25/72 from Elaine Scanlon 105/32/73 R/U
NTPs: 15th – Jim Patton  & 16th – Mick  Nicholls Snr
Least putts; Andrew Clement – 28 putts
Final of the Algie Mitchell
Jim Patton (4) D  Rob Rea (0) –  4/2