The April Medal drew a strong field on a cool, overcast afternoon.  For a short time the sun came out and the wind blew in from the west but, after the first five of six holes, conditions settled, the clouds came back and the jumpers went back on .    The greens had recovered very well from the corellas and from the recent scarifying but the odd ball did get stuck in a line and behave a little unorthodoxly, much to the chagrin of the odd golfer.  The course was again in top condition with only a few bare patches on one or two fairways.  While a number of players had excellent front or back nines it was again up to a small group who were able to play consistent golf  across the whole 18 holes and bring home a good score.

Winner & April Medalist; Rob Rea – 89/20/69 CB from Mal Mottram – 76/7/69, Bob McLennan – 88/16/72, Anthony Lakey – 93/21/72

NTPs; 1st – Mal Mottram, 16th – Keith Hocking

Least Putts; Mick Nicholls Snr – 27