The field assembled on a cool, slightly overcast morning, many wearing jumpers and light jackets but after a few holes the day had warmed up and everyone was down to shirtsleeves. The remainder of the round was played in very pleasant conditions, sunny, with clear skies and virtually no wind. The ~100mm of rain over the previous weekend and the following heavy dews had softened the fairways and greens and promoted good growth across the whole of Romsey Park. Golfers who took advantage of the conditions posted good scores however there was the odd crack on the fairways and some players had the cruelest of bounces to turn a prospective birdie or par into a lesser result. It was also good to welcome ex-member, GaryWatts down from Sydney, back for a round. On a beautiful day for golf the results were;
Winner; Michael McCarten – 87/18/69 from Sherif Abdel-Sayed – 92/22/70, Andrew Clement- 82/11/71 & Michael Nicholls Jnr – 94/22/72
NTPs; 15th – Les Gaunt & 16th – Andrew Clement