The fourth round of pennant was held at Avenel.  Avenal G. C. has sand scrapes instead of grass green so a quick recap of protocols and rules for scrapping the sand greens was given.  The field teed off in perfect weather conditions.  RGC had a great day picking up a 5/0 victory.  With two rounds to go this results places RGC in a good postion to make the final however, golf is often a fickle game and upsets can be very common. RGC results were; Darlene Baker – Wx, Beryl Cole – Wx, Jenny Hartley – Wx, Elaine Scanlon – Wx and Lorraine Robb – Wx.

The day’s overall results were;

Avenel D Lancefield – 3/2

Romsey D Trentham – 5/0.