New Year’s Day dawned clear and cool with no sign of the predicted rain and the course in top nick.  All  golfers were eager to get out on the course, some to test out a recent “Chrissie” present others to just stretch their legs and enjoy a game.  The long billed corellas have returned and begun their annual savaging of the greens, so far only four greens have been effected so fingers crossed the birds will do little further damage.  The round was one of highs and lows, many players had a run of “three pointers” then a series of wipes.  In the end it all came down to a count back, over the back nine,  back six, back three then hole by hole to decide the winner.  On another top summer’s day the results were;

Winner; Scott Williams (18) – 37 pts C/B from Andrew Clement (9) &  Steve Wilkins (18) 35 pts