2023 DDGA Women’s Championships – Kilmore G. C.

The DDGA Championships 2023 were held at the Kilmore Golf Course.   The course was in very good condition. The weather was perfect for golf with a calm, wind free day with just a comfortable amount of sunshine. The 33 players enjoyed a lovely lunch after the game and lots of chatter filled the clubhouse as missed putts and duffed chips were replayed over and over.
Jenny Hartley and Darlene Baker journeyed across to Kilmore for the day and both had an enjoyable round.  Darlene was pipped at the post in a four way countback for the A grade Nett.
In the main event Deb Richardson from Alexandra Golf Club was the worthy winner on the day with a scratch score of 89 to become 2023 Champ.

Thursday October 12th – Marysville Tournament

Marysville Golf Club held their annual Tournament on Thursday 12th Oct. The forecast was such that the Captain reduced the competition to a 9 Hole Stableford event.  This turned out to be a wise decision as the game was played in constant drizzle or full on rain. Nevertheless Elaine Scanlon and Darlene Baker enjoyed the hospitality, the camaraderie and the banter in the clubhouse after the game. The highlight for the Romsey women was a Nearest The Pin to Darlene on the par 3, 4th and Elaine won a gift in the raffle!

Saturday October 21st – Stableford inc Rd 2 Women’s singles knock-out

The fine weather at the end of the  week saw an enormous amount of course maintenance successfully undertaken.  However, while the greens continue to recover well from coring there were still many puts that moved well of line, they should be back to their best in a fortnight or so.  The fairways and surrounds were in top condition so the only other negative was the strong, 30+Kph, wind that shifted between  NE all the way to the NW so NTPs on par threes were really not in play.  The conditions proved more than challenging no-one was able to play to their handicap.  On a windy afternoon the results were;

1st; Mick Nicholls Snr (22) -32 pts C/B

2nd; Mal Mottram (8) – 32pts

3rd; Steve Wilkins (17) – 31 pts.

Wednesday 18th October – Stroke & 2nd Rd Silver Spoon for Women.

The weather was perfect. A huge thank you to all the volunteers for all the mowing they have done. Unfortunately corellas have attacked some areas of the course. Daily competition results;
1st – Hugh Williams 93/21/72
2nd – Lorraine Robb 122/48/74
3rd – Wendy Gosden 108/32/76
NTPs; 1st – Wendy Gosden, 3rd – Rob Slade
The 2nd Rd of the Silver Spoon is a running competition so the top 4 players will not be decided until after next Saturday’s competition.

Saturday October 14th – 4B Aggregate Stableford – secret partner.

Play began on a coolish afternoon with a 20Kph+ wind from the SW.  The course was in top nick and all players got excellent value for well struck shots.  With the greens still recovering from their recent coring there were a few unusual movements on some putts.  The game of the day was 4B Aggregate Stableford however, players did not know who their partner was until the end of the day.  As the round progressed the  day brightened and the temperature rose as high as 14C.  Uneven numbers meant some golfers had two partners. On another great day to be out on the park the results were;

1st; Mitch Atlas (6)/Dylan Harris (6) – 66 pts

2nd; Scott Williams (17)/Dylan Harris (6) – 63 pts

NTPs; 1st -Mick Squire, 15th – Brad Klaaysen & 16th – Mick Squire

Wednesday October 11th – Stroke inc qualifying round of Singles Knock-out

Perfect conditions for the Wednesday stroke comp held in conjunction with the Women’s multi day 1st round of the qualifying singles knockout
Daily competition results;
1st; Elaine Scanlon – 102-34-68

2nd; Darlene Baker – 90-19-71

3rd; Luke Lyons – 79-7-72
Luke Lyons carded a 34 nett for the back nine.

NTPs;  1st – Steve Wilkins, 16th – Luke Lyons

Saturday October 7th – Texas Ambrose

With many of the Saturday golfers away on the annual golf trip it was quite a different field for the club’s Texas Ambrose round.  It was also the first round after the coring of the greens.  The rapid spring growth continues and the fairways will require mowing twice a week and the rough cut, as often as possible, for a some time.  Texas Ambrose sees the best drive taken (subject to required drives per player) then each golfer plays their own ball out to the cup.  The team score is the best two stableford scores on each hole.  While the greens were a little bumpy those who putted with conviction usually got the best results.    On a day with a fairly ordinary forecast the wind died down and the sun shone through.  Two of the teams adapted to the conditions best and  performed well above the others.  The day’s results were;

1st; Darlene Baker (19), Kevin Dunn (26), Ryan Davies (18) & Bob Dwyer (38) – 96 pts

2nd; Anthony Lakey (20), Keith Hocking (26), David Jones (23) & Kath Jekabsons (38) – 89 pts

NTPs; 3rd – Darlene Baker

Strathbogie G. C. – Women’s Open

It was a treat to play on a bright Spring day on the picturesque mountainside of Strathbogie for their annual tournament.  Wildlife including a koala, echidnas and kangaroos and plenty bird life was an added bonus for some.
Various other commitment meant that only Darlene could make the long journey but Di Dixon from Kilmore kindly shared the driving which was greatly appreciated.
Di Murphy from Jubilee Golf Club was the winner on the day with a scratch score of 83.

Kyneton G. C. – Par 3

Three players from Romsey ventured to Kyneton for their Par 3 event that attracted close to 100 players.
Elaine, Wendy and Darlene enjoyed the chance to play on the shortened version of the course and the challenge of par 3s. Playing in groups of six was a novelty to say the least.
The weather was perfect for golf and the course was lush and green.
Wendy was talented enough to win a $100 voucher for her nearest the pin which was exciting.

Wednesday September 27th – September Medal, stroke & putts

Play began on a spring morning which improved as the holes rolled by.  Spring growth saw thick grass on the fairways so “relief, to a hand span”, was given.  The greens have been cut ready for coring, they were very fast and players had to be careful lest they putt off and back into the surrounds.  It was excellent to see Jenny H back playing golf again and her putting was on fire, even on the fast greens.  On another top morning to be out on the course the results were;
Daily Competition;

1st; Rob Slade 88/16/72
2nd; Steve Wilkins 92/14/78 C/B
3rd; Jenny Hartley 100/22/78
September Women’s Medalist:

Jenny Hartley 100/22/78
Least putts; Jenny Hartley 26
NTPs; 15th – Rob Slade.