Sunday April 23rd – DDGA Men’s Pennant Golf Rd 4

Round four teed off on  another stunning, mid autumn day.  Scratch took on Strathbogie at home while Handicap took on Lancefield at Hidden Valley.  Both courses were in great condition however, a strong SE wind kept everyone on their toes.  Results were;

Scratch;   Mal Mottram – W, Mick Squire – W, Dylan Harris – L, Andrew Clement – W & Mitch Atlas – W. 

Romsey D Strathbogie – 4/1

Handicap; Luke Lyons – W 6/4, Scott Williams – L5/3, Pat Chisholm – W6/5, Mick Nicholls Jnr – W5/3, Chris van DerVliet-  L8/6:

Romsey D Lancefield  – 3/2

Saturday April 22nd – Final Algie Mitchell Shield & Par.

With temperature hovering around 20C and virtually no wind it looked to be a good day for a round  The final of the Algie Mitchell Shield, Mal Mottram Vs Davey Kenney, both generally long and straight off the tee,  looked to be an evenly matched competition.  The short game would most likely decide the day.  All others played Par, often a frustrating game but one the purists call the fairest of all however, not sure how many purists were in the field. With the course in top condition and the weather excellent there were a number of very good scores.  The Algie Mitchell final was close fought all day and it was all square going down the 18th, the course’s most difficult hole.  In the end both players pared but as one had a shot that was the shield.  It was a top effort by both, the loser shot four under his handicap the winner shot five under.  On a stunning day to be out on the park the results were; 

1st; Mitch Atlas (9) +3 C/B

2nd; Mick Nicholls Snr (25) +3

3rd; Jenny Hartley (20) +2

NTPs; 1, 15 & 16 – Luke Lyons

Final of the 2023 Algie Mitchell Shield

Davey Kenney (4) D Mal Mottram (0) 1up.

Wednesday April 19th – RWH 4BBB Stableford

A chilly wind prevailed for most of the round as players paired up for the Royal Women’s Hospital 4BBB.  The greens were in great condition having been recently mown.  Softer conditions on the fairways from recent rain reduced the amount of run but scoring was quite good.  Kath Jekabsons and Darlene Baker were winners on the day with Kath having a wonderful round – after 16 holes Darlene was only on the card twice!!


1st;       Kath Jekabsons (38)/Darlene Baker (17)                42 points
2nd;     Jenny Hartley (20)/Wendy Gosden (31)             40 pts
3rd;      Lis Manktelow (30)/Chris Manktelow (31)          38 pts
Equal  3rd;  Sherif Abdel-Sayed (27)/Rob Slade (16).                   38 pts            

Monday April 17th – DDGA Women’s Pennant Rd 1

Round 1 of the Women’s Pennant was held at Kilmore Golf Course in fine conditions on a well prepared course.  It was a challenging match with a couple of results that could easily have gone our way.  

Darlene Baker  (17)   W-4/3,  Jenny Hartley   (20)  Sq,  Shirley Shelton (25)  L-4/3,  Wendy Gosden (32)  L-3/2 , Elaine Scanlon  (35)  Sq  

A tough match to start the season but a pretty good result against a strong Marysville team.

Sunday April 16th – DDGA Men’s Pennant Rd 3

The steady overnight rain softened all courses but at this level virtually no-one lost much distance off the tee.  The clouds lifted and by the beginning of the round the sun shone through and it was a great afternoon for a round of golf.

Scratch headed to Trentham to take on the home team, a challenge to beat someone on their own course and with a team of one and two handicappers it was always going to be tough.   The course was at its picturesque best  

Results were; Mal Mottram (C) L, Dylan Harris L, Mitch Atlas L, Luke Lyons L & Andrew Clement L.


Handicap headed to Lancefield to take on Broadford.  The course was in top nick.  Matches flowed well and the round was complete by 3.20pm.  Another tough day for RGC, just missing out on three matches.

Results were; Mick Nicholls Jnr (C) L 1Dn, Pat Chisholm L 2/1, Dean Kohler W 20th, Davey Kenney L 4/2   & Steve Wilkins L 19th

April 15th – Stroke & Semi-finals -Algie Mitchell Shield

With a 90% chance of  10- 20mm of rain forecast for the mid afternoon the club activated the  “Extreme Weather” protocol and play began at 9.00am.   The course was in good condition  with excellent cover on the fairways  and the greens and surrounds well recovered for last month’s coring.  There was some drizzle early in the round but the most concerning factor was the gusting N/NW wind that blew most of the afternoon.  Despite the tough conditions there two excellent scores, primarily from golfers who were able to keep the ball under the wind.  The semi-finals of the Algie Mitchell shield were close fought with the two winners only getting ahead over the back half of the second nine.  Great to enjoy a chat with past RGC member, Ken Lambert, who was in town to catch up with family.  On a cool, blustery day the results were;

1st; Simon Donovan – 84/17/67  C/B

2nd; Jenny Hartley – 88/21/67

3rd; Elaine Scanlon – 106/34/72 C/B Steve Wilkins, Craig Sandy & Anthony Lakey

NTPs; 15th – Mal Mottram, 16th – Matt Barrow

Semi-Final results of the Algie Mitchell Shield 

Mal Mottram (0) D Like Lyons (3) – 4/2

Davey Kenney (0) D Mick Nicholls Jnr (1) – 4/2

The Final of the 2023 Algie Mitchell Shield will be;

Mal Mottram (0) Vs Davey Kenney (5)

Thursday April 13th – Romsey Women’s Challenge Bowl

42 players from from 12 Dalhousie Golf District and neighbouring clubs  participated in the 2023 Romsey Golf Club Women’s Challenge Bowl on Thursday April 13th. To commence conditions were coolish with sunshine breaking through as the round progressed.  It turned out to be a beautiful day there was some excellent golf played.  The day’s results were;
1st; Kilmore Golf Club; Helen Dennett (15) 32 points,  Jill Banon (29) 38 points, &Sophie Banon(25) 30 points  -100pts

2nd; Woodend – 97 points 

Individual stableford winners were:
A grade; Mary Campbell (Broadford – 17) c/b from Jenny Hartley (21) 35 points
B grade; Cheryl Garner (Woodend – 24) 35 points
C grade; Cheryl Payne (Woodend – 31) 33 points

NTPs; 15th – Lisa Caines Trentham, 16th second shot – Jill Banon

Thank you to the day’s sponsors,  TJ Scott & Son. It was great to have Kelly Scott represent the company at presentations

Thank you to the course maintenance team Steve Wilkins, Anthony Lakey, Mal Mottram, Bruce and Lorraine Robb, and Mitch Atlas who prepared the course for the event.
Thank you to team Shirley Shelton, Wendy Gosden, Beryl Cole, Kath Jekabsons, Jenny Hartley, Lorraine Robb  & Lis Manktelow for assisting with the planning, preparations of food, assisting Captain and general assistance on the day on and off course. Thanks to Captain Darlene for organising the golf side for the day.  

2023 Bowl champions Helen Dennett,  Jill Banon, Sophie Banon with Kelly Scott

Grade Champion Mary Campbell

B Grade Champion Cheryl Garner

C Grade champion Cheryl Payne with Kelly Scott.







Wednesday April 12th – Stableford

A smaller than usual field, took to the course, some members elected to stay in the clubhouse and prepare for the upcoming Romsey Women’s Challenge Bowl.   Those who did play braved a wet and cold start to the round but conditions improved as the morning progressed.  Overnight rain, 28mm, made for softer conditions around the course and made the greens receptive to the shot coming in high.  Results
1st         Anthony Lakey             (20)     33 points
2nd        Steve Wilkins         (17)     30 points

Saturday April 8th – 1/4 Finals Algie Mitchell Shield & Stableford

With steady rain over Friday and into Saturday morning it looked to be a challenging afternoon for all golfers.  Play began with a steady westerly wind and a spot of drizzle here and there.   After a dew holes the sun shone through and the waterproofs came off  but the remainder of the round was a mixture of light rain, clear skies then steady drizzle over the final few holes.  The 1/4 finals of the club’s oldest shield, the Algie Mitchell Shield, were also being played and there was  deal of chatter about who was going to do what so bragging rights” were “up for grabs.”.  We also welcomed Tomako Sekisuchi and Shinobu Littman for the round. On a cool, drizzly, very changing day, the results were;

1st; Toby Clement (17) – 41 pts

2nd; Mick Squire (4) – 36 pts

3rd; Scott Williams (17) – 36 pts

Women’s Winner; Shinobu Littman (18) – 35 pts

NTPs; 1st – Davey Kenney, 16th – Mick Squire

The 2023 Algie Mitchell Quarter Finals results;

Davey Kenney (0) D Andrew Laing (3) – 5/4

Mick Nicholls Jnr  (10) D Daniel Wright (0) – Walkover

Luke Lyons  (5) D Mitch Atlas (0) – 4/2

Mal Mottram (0) D Steve Wilkins (10) – 1up

The semi-finals of the 2023 Algie Mitchell Shield will be;

Davey Kenney (1) Vs  Mick Nicholls Jnr (0)

Mal Mottram (0) Vs Luke Lyons (3)

Wednesday April 5th – Stroke , 3rd Rd Silver Spoon

In perfect weather and course conditions a strong field took to the fairways for a round of Stroke.  Steve Wilkins had the round of the day with a great 65 Nett with Lis Manktelow the best of the women and in contention for Silver Spoon (round3) with Nett 72. Results were; 
Comp 1
1st.     Lis Manktelow.        102/30/72
2nd.   Beryl Cole.               105/32/73
3rd.    Chris Manktelow.    105/31/74
Comp 2
1st.    Steve Wilkins.          80/15/65
2nd.   Luke Lyons.             81/9/72
3rd.    Anthony Lakey.             90/17/73