Sunday November 19th – RGC Men’s & Women’s Opens – 24 hole stroke

The first RGC men’s and women’s opens drew a strong field.  Clubs represented were Lancefield, Mt Macedon, Seymour, Broadford, Rich River, Hidden Valley, Kilmore, Marysville, Trentham, Yea and Romsey.  It was a day of very different conditions; the field hit off with the remains of a heavy mist, greens and fairways all carried a little extra moisture.  The 1st 12 holes saw players aggressive and attacking the greens which were holding very well.

As the field headed out for the 2nd 12 holes the sun had moved in and the temperature was around 30C.     Fairway and greens began to dry forcing players to adjust their game.  The final holes called for great concentration as over shooting a green then needing to chip back could mean the title.

Many thanks to the sponsors of the event, Bendigo Bank, Mogas, Mount Monument Winery and Drummond Golf Niddrie.  On a day of very different AM and PM conditions the results were;

2023 Women’s Champion: Mary Campbell – 112 (2nd hole playoff -Terri O’Callahan)

2023 Graeme Clement Champion; Mick Squire – 92

A Grade Handicap; Darcey Doyle & Glenda Woods

B Grade Scratch; Michael Nicholls – 105, Wicky McDowell – 117

B Grade Handicap; Davey Kenney & Sandra Stevens

C Grade; Stroke – Peter Davies, Handicap – Shaun Scales

AM Handicap; Jim Patton, PM Handicap – Zac Scales

NTPs; 1st – Matt Willis, 3rd – Michael Ladewig/Sandra Stevens, 8th – Alan King/Darlene Baker, 9th – Dennis Davenport/Darlene Baker & 10th – Barry Flentjar/Paula Britton

Saturday November 18th – Romsey Opens – 4BBB any combination

Even though a few late withdrawals due to Covid-19 had reduced the field, it was a great day with a strong field of 21 pairs on course.  The 4BBB event was for teams of any combination.  Representatives from Broadford, Future Golf, Hidden Valley, Kilmore, Lancefield, Seymour, Rich River, Seymour, Trentham joined Romsey Members in the field.

Conditions were perfect on a well manicured course. Thanks to the club volunteer maintenance team who have spent countless hours out on the course over the past few weeks.  Also, a big THANK-YOU to the Romsey Bottle-O and Mount Monument Winery who supported the club.  ON a beautiful day the results were;

1st; Lorraine Robb (48)/Wayne Robb (12) – 48 pts

2nd; Quita McDonald (40)/Robert McDonald (18) – 46 pts C/B

3rd; John Freestone (28)Darren Freestone (8) 46 points

Other excellent scores came from; Ron Walker (24)/Clive Mensforth (40) – 44 pts c/b from Andrea Boland ((19)/Jill Banon (32)

NTPs; 1st – Steve Wilkins, 3rd – best 2nd shot (Blue) – Darren Freestone, 15th – Elaine Scanlon & Michael Squire & 16th – Andrea Boland & Andrew Clement

Mother & Son winners, Lorraine & Wayne Robb.

Wednesday 15th November – Stableford.

It was a perfect day for golf, still conditions with some sun poking through now and then. The course was in excellent condition. The standout player on the day was Beryl Cole.  Daily competition results were:
1st Beryl Cole (34) – 44 pts
2nd Hugh Williams (20) – 39pts
3rd Lorraine Robb (48) – 37pts
NTP 1st – Hugh Williams, 15th – Hugh Williams

Saturday November 11th – Quarter-finals John Laing Shield & Stroke

A beautiful day to be out on the course, a gentle wind, mostly from the south, a few clouds and a temperature in the high teens/low 20s.  Fairways, greens and surrounds in top condition and the rapid growth of the rough under control.  The quarter finals of the John Laing shield were generally close affairs with some excellent golf being played.    One highlight of the day was a 75 “off the beater” by RGC captain, Mal Mottram.  The stroke field featured a few wild extremes in scoring; some golfers had an excellent day others, less so.  On another top afternoon to be out on the park the day’s results were;

1st; Shaun Scales – 95/27/68

2nd; Rob Rea – 90/18/72

3rd;  Toby Clement – 88/15/73

NTPs; 1st – Toby Clement, 15th – Mick Squire & 16th – Toby Clement

John Laing Shield Quarter-final results.

1. Scott Williams (10) L 8. Mal Mottram (0) – 2 Dn

3. Mitch Atlas (0) 6. Bob McLennan (8) – 1 Dn

2. Andrew Clement (0) L  7. Davey Kenney (4) – 4 Dn

4. Mick Squire (0) L 5. John Freestone (21) – 1 Dn

The Semi-finals (Dec 2nd) of the John Laing Shield will be;

Mal Mottram (0) Vs Bob McLennan (6)

Davey Kenney (0) Vs John Freestone (13)

Tuesday November 7th – Melb Cup Day Ambrose. (Guest day)

Play began at 9.00 and all teams were quickly  well into their rounds.  The sun was shining, there was a wind, between 25Kph – 30Kph from the N and the fairway, surrounds and greens were in top condition.  While the temporary green on the 18th was in play for the first time there were really no excuses for a poor card!  The round progressed well with teams moving quickly between holes.  Everyone was back in the rooms with plenty of time for a chat and a drink then home for the Cup.  On a sunny morning the results were;

1st; Mick Squire/Hugh Williams –  70/7.5/62.50

2nd; Ben Owen/Josh Owen – 75/11.75/63.25

NTPs; 1st – Mitch Atlas, 15th – John Freestone & 16th – Mal Mottram

Best 2nd shot on the 3rd; Josh Owen, Eagle on the 7th – Dean Kohler – all three shots.

Saturday November 4th – Stableford, Qualifying Rd John Laing Shield – Top eight.

A good field assembled for the qualifying round of the 2023 John Laing Shield, a singles matchplay event.  Golfers were again faced with winds in the high 30Kph which  moved between  S, SE and SW,  It was often  difficult to pick just where the wind was coming from, hitting a par 3 was going to be more than a challenge; another tough day looked to be on the cards.  The fairways and surrounds were in tip-top condition and the greens were steadily coming back to their best.  On another very windy afternoon where the sun poked through now and then the results were;

1st; Scott Williams (18) – 35 pts, C/B

2nd; Andrew Clement (10) – 35 pts

3rd; Mitch Atlas (6)  – 33 pts C/B Mick Squire (6)

NTPs; 15th – Davey Kenney

Quarter finals of the 2023 John Laing Shield will be;

1. Scott Williams (10) Vs 8. Mal Mottram (0)

3. Mitch Atlas (0) Vs 6. Bob McLennan (8)

2. Andrew Clement (0) Vs  7. Davey Kenney (4)

4. Mick Squire (0) Vs 5. John Freestone (21)


Wednesday 1st November – Stableford

It was a cold day. The course was very well prepared. The outstanding player on the day was Hugh Williams.  Daily Competition results:
1st; Hugh Williams (20) – 40 pts.
2nd; Elaine Scanlon (34) – 32 pts.
3rd; Rob Slade (17) – 29 pts.

Saturday October 28th – October Medal, stroke & putts

Another blustery day at Royal Romsey with winds from the N/NE gusting to around 45Kph before dropping back to the mid-30s; the medal round was going to be challenging.  As high balls moved appreciable some players, with very variable success, attempted to keep their shots low. Putting was also tough as gusts moved balls well off line.  The winds had also brought down a few branches here and there so some cleaning up later in the week.  Again, the course was in superb condition, a credit the band of volunteers who look after the almost 85% of Romsey Park that makes up the golf course.  It was a day for the old hands, those who had cut their golfing teeth at Romsey and who understood just how the wind behaved  on each hole.

Lorraine Robb, who played her round on Wednesday in intermittent hail, returned the best score in the Women’s October Medal held over Wed Nov 25th and Sat Nov 28th. On a clear, windy afternoon the October Medal results were;

October Medalist; Lorraine Robb – 124/48/76

2nd; Elaine Scanlon – 112/33/78

3rd; Beryl Cole – 112/33/79 c/b Wendy Gosden c/b Darlene Baker.


October Medalist; Andrew Clement – 80/11/69

2nd; Mal Mottram – 80/8/72

3rd; Matt Barrow – 85/11/74

Women’s winner; Darlene Baker – 79/19/79

NTPs; 1st – Mick Nicholls Snr,   15th  – Dean Kohler

Least Putts; Mal Mottram – 28

October Medal winner, Andrew Clement with RGC captain Mal Mottram


Thursday October 26th – Mt William Cup, Lancefield G. C.

A great result for the Romsey Team of Wendy Gosden, Jenny Hartley and Darlene Baker who combined well to win the Lancefield Mt William cup by one point from one of the local Lancefield Teams.  Wendy had 35 Stableford points (equal best individual score of the day) with Darlene 32 and Jenny 27 points for a total of 94.   Wendy earned herself 5 Player of the Year Points and Darlene 2.
Conditions were difficult with a fierce southerly wind for the entire round but the course was in great condition. The greens were receptive and the fairways lush and recently mown.
A lovely lunch including a well stocked dessert table was enjoyed by all players after their round.

 2023 Mt William Cup Champions, Darlene Wendy & Jenny.

Wednesday 25th October – October Medal, Stroke & Putts.

It was a typical Victorian spring day – sunshine and then squalls with the temperature dropping rapidly.  A huge thank you to all the volunteers for mowing the whole course.  Daily comp results:
1st; Steve Wilkins – 89/14/75
2nd; Lorraine Robb 124/48/76 – October Women’s Medalist.
3rd; Rob Slade 95/17/78 c/b Elaine Scanlon.
Least putts; Rob Slade – 27
NTP; 1st – Steve Wilkins.