Wednesday October 14th – Irish Threesomes

We were glad to have two past members join us for our round of Irish Threesomes, Shirley Shelton and Mary Campbell. Both women have a long history at our club in an official capacity and as keen members and it was a pleasure to host them on our course.  They joined us on a beautiful spring day and along with others participated in a fun round of Stableford. The Threesomes format required teams of three to record all scores on the par 3s, two scores on the par 4s and the best score of the group on the par 5s. Two highlights of the day were birdies for Mary on the par 4, 9th and Darlene on the par 5, 14th. Kath Jekabsons, Jenny Hartley and Bruce Robb combined well to take home the trophy. The day’s results were;
1st; Jenny Hartley (24)/Kath Jekabsons (36)/Bruce Robb (29) – 74 points
2nd; Elaine Scanlon (32)/Mary Campbell (18)/Shirley Shelton (24) – 70 points
3rd;Darlene Baker (21)/Beryl Cole (28)/Wendy Gosden (28) – 68 points

Saturday October 10th – W. E. Tom Shield Semi-finals & Par

Plenty of rain over Wednesday and Thursday, about 45mm, saw the course soften up and made mowing later in the week impossible; luckily Bob McLennan could foretell the weather (actually read the BOM data) and cut the fairways on Tuesday.  There were still many trenches and other earth works across the park and the course so all players had to be careful or they could easily end up a few cm taller but considerably heavier. Everyone had their challenges; virtually no run and greens that had been cut for the first time since coring in late September.  Those “courageous” putts that ended just short on some greens  last week sailed happily off the green this week while other greens seemed just a slow.  The two W. E. Tom semi-finals were closely fought.  One pair got away early only to be slowly caught then a run of great shots sealed that semi.  The other semi was close all day and was all square on the 17th, so up the 18th.  A number of top shots from both teams saw a shoot out on the green with Jim Patton able to sink a long putt to take the day.  The Par field saw most players fighting to stay near their handicap.  The day’s winner had a top back nine to end the day square.  On a beautiful spring afternoon the results were;

Par Winner; Andrew Clement (8) – Square from Robert Slade (24) -2 & Scott Williams (17) -3

Semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield results;

A Lakey (18)/H Williams (23) L  – J Patton (15)/M Squire (0) – 1down

M Mottram (0)/S Wilkins (11) L R Davies (13)/S Donovan (5) – 4/3

The W. E. Tom Final will be;

J Patton (15)/M Squire (0) Vs R Davies (19)/S Donovan (11)

Raffle Results

1st – $40 meat voucher – Scott Williams

2nd – Two Sleeves of Balls – Andrew Clement

3rd – One sleeve of balls – Hugh Williams



Wednesday October 7th – Texas Ambrose

Four players braved the conditions that saw a thick misty fog across the park for the first 16 holes. When the fog finally lifted the rain swept in and made the last two holes very uncomfortable.  Despite the weather, those who did play were happy to be on the course and all enjoyed the Texas Ambrose format. The morning’s results were;

1st; Darlene Baker (21)/ Robert Slade (21) – 80/10.5/69.5
2nd; Wendy Gosden (28)/ Jenny Hartley (24) –  90/13/77

Saturday October 3rd – W.E. Tom 1/4 finals & Ambrose

For the first time in many weeks there had been consecutive days of sun and wind, however, while the course had dried considerably a number of fairways were still quite soft.  Recent earth works and extensions to the irrigation system saw areas of disturbed soil across some fairways and in the rough.  To add to the challenge of the day the very recently cored greens had not been mown; golfers needed plenty of courage, and a spot of luck, when putting. The Ambrose field seemed to have a very enjoyable day with much cheering and laughter as they moved around the course.  The 1/4 finals of the W. E Tom 4BBB were much more serious affairs.  There were some early surprises, as a couple of high handicappers parred the first few holes giving their opposition quite a scare. However, in the end the more fancied pairs did come out on top.  One match was very closely fought and was all square on the 18th.  So down the 19th, then the 20th and finally the 21st before a result was achieved.  On a pleasant afternoon and a great day for golf the results were;

Ambrose Winners; Andrew Clement (8)/Mitch Clement (10) – 69/4.5/64.50 from Mitch Atlas (9)/Joshua Squire (54) – 83/15.75/67.25

 Quarter final results of the W. E. Tom Shield  were;

S Williams (0)/D Kenney (4)     L        A Lakey (3)/H Williams (8) – 21st

 R Walker (23)/K Hocking (25)  L       J Patton (15)/M Squire (0)  – 2/1

 M Mottram (0)/S Wilkins (11)   D       C Mensforth (30)/J Freestone (16) – 7/6

 A Laing (6)/J Laing (15)              L        R Davies (10)/S Donovan (0) – 6/5

Semi-finals of the W. E. Tom Shield will he;

A Lakey (18)/H Williams (23) Vs J Patton (15)/M Squire (0)

M Mottram (0)/S Wilkins (11) Vs R Davies (13)/S Donovan (5)

Raffle Results

1st; M Squire – $40.00 meat voucher

2nd; J Patton – Two sleeves of balls

3rd; P Scanlon – One sleeve of balls



Wednesday September 30th – Two person Ambrose

The decision to play after the overnight rain and the heavy drizzle that was evident at tee off time was a good one. The drizzle cleared after two or three holes and held off for the remainder of the round. The wind was gusty but, at times, it was quite calm.  On the few occasions the sun was able to break through the heavy clouds allowing players to briefly warm up.
Eight players enjoyed the chance to get out on the course and handled the recently cored greens well.  Volunteers continue to work on many aspects of the course and this is being done with very little disruption to play. We welcomed Robert Slade to the Wednesday comp and he teamed well with Hugh Williams.  The morning’s results were;

1st: Roger Baker (16)/Darlene Baker (21) – 78/9.25/68.75             

2nd: Hugh Williams( 21)/Robert Slade (21) – 86/10.5/75.5

3rd: Kath Jekabsons  (36)/Jenny Hartley(24) – 97/15/82 

Wednesday September 23rd – Stableford

Once again the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic have been reassessed and it was a pleasure to be playing competitive golf on the Romsey Golf Course.  Social distancing requirements were still in force along with the wearing of masks, no touching of the flags and remote submitting of results, all things that players are willing to comply with to keep everyone safe.

The course is in great condition even with the extensive drainage work happening across the park.  Volunteers have obviously been working hard and long and this is much appreciated by the members.  The weather was changeable with chilly winds, sunny periods followed by bouts of rain and finally calm conditions. The day’s results were;
1st;  Jenny Hartley (24) – 34 pts
2nd;  Elaine Scanlon (32) –  25 pts
3rd;  Wendy Gosden (28) – 24 pts

Saturday September 19th – 4BBB Stableford – Qualifying Rd W. E. Tom Shield

The recent spring weather had seen excellent growth across the whole park and our drainage, filling and levelling program saw a number of areas of disturbed soil and mounds waiting to be used elsewhere on the course. While NPOR was allowed  conditions were not perfect for golf.  After many weeks of “Social Golf” club competitions were again allowed and a strong field teed up for the qualifying round of the W. E. Tom Shield, the top eight pairs would progress to the quarter finals.  The weather was fine with a gusting NE wind, many players found the flukey wind had a surprising effect on their shots, others, who allowed for the wind saw their ball end up well wide of the green.  Despite all this there were a number of excellent scores.

Winners; Scott Williams (17)/Mitch Atlas (9) – 42 pts from Scott Williams (17)/Davie Kenney (21) – 41 pts, Mal Mottram (8)/Steve Wilkins (19) – 40 pts

The Quarter finals of the W. E. Tom Shield will be;

1.  S Williams (0)/D Kenney (4)    Vs     8. A Lakey (3)/H Williams (8)

3. R Walker (23)/K Hocking (25)  Vs     6.  J Patton (15)/M Squire (0)

2. M Mottram (0)/S Wilkins (11)   Vs      7. C Mensforth (30)/J Freestone (16)

4. A Laing (6)/J Laing (15)             Vs       5. R Davies (10)/S Donovan (0)

Raffle Results;

1st – $40 Butcher’s Voucher – Andrew Laing

2nd – Two Sleeves of balls –  – Ron Walker

3rd –  Sleeve of balls – Jim Patton

Drainage, levelling and filling works are moving at a pace.  Our thanks to Mal Mottram, for taking responsibility for this element of our Romsey Park/Romsey Golf Course improvement works.  Wilco and Freebie have also done an enormous amount of work.

In the near future Ron Walker will get the irrigation extension works under way.

This will be followed by Hugh Drummond overseeing the sowing of couch sprigs and all necessary fertilisers etc to give the sprigs the best possible start.


Saturday August 8th – Social Golf

With over 20Mmm of rain over night the course was again very soggy with casual water on almost every fairway.

Ten RGC members enjoyed the better weather that came after about 11.00am, no wind and steady sunshine.  Going was very tough and by the end of their rounds everyone really knew they had walked the course.

Wednesday August 5th – Stableford & 4th Rd Silver Spoon

Along side the daily Stableford comp players participated in the fourth round of the Silver Spoon. A blustery, chilly wind persisted for the entire round and misty rain fell as the last group trudged up the 18th fairway.   With little rain in the previous week the course was considerably drier with far fewer areas of casual water, there was still however very little run on the fairways.
After three rounds of the Silver Spoon ( one round having been cancelled during the first Covid restrictions) Darlene Baker was declared this year’s winner; she played very consistent golf  to win all three rounds.
1st; Darlene Baker (21) – 35 points
2nd; Elaine Scanlon (32) – 29 pts
3rd; Jenny Hartley (24) – 28 pts

Saturday August 1st – Stableford

The round began on a stunning mid winter’s day featuring bright sunshine and a mischievous wind from the north.  After another week with plenty of sun, some wind and only a spot of mist, heavy dews and frost, almost everything had continued to dry out and the large field enjoyed the course, especially the much reduced wet areas.  Despite the better conditions there was almost no run on the fairways, well struck drive pulled up centimetres from where they landed and approach shots had to be spot on or risk plugging just short of the green.  The greens were slightly quicker than usual and a number of players found themselves running well passed the cup leaving a difficult second putt to save par.  On a wonderful day to be out in the park the results were;

Winner; Scott Williams (17) – 39 pts, Davey Kenney (22) – 37 pts, Mal Mottram (8) – 35 pts

Raffle Results;

1st – $40 Butcher’s Voucher –Keith Hocking

2nd – $20 Drummonds Voucher – Anthony Lakey

3rd –  Sleeve of balls – Mick Nicholls Jnr

Special  note of thanks to;

Bruce – another steady week of chomping away at the quickly rousing rough

Ron, Mal & Cam – spent time on Friday walking the course and reviewing the levelling and drainage works.  Will begin asap

Wilco & Chris – spent a deal of time filling damaged areas on and near the greens.  Also continued the trial of bent grass patches, grown in Wilco’s green house.  Did a great job on the step on to the 4th tee

Hugh – busy with the greens attending to the spots of fungus here and there.

Elaine – does a great job sorting out electronic payments each Saturday then heads down to the 10th to sell the odd refreshment.

Mitch Atlas – donated a trailer load of scoria, just what we needed for some of the wetter spots on the track