With Lorraine opening the gates at 7.30 am the 3rd of our four deep hollow-tyne verti-draining works was underway.  The front end loader arrived from Kyneton just after 8.00 am and the top-dresser was off to follow the coring machine and the core picker-up to sand the greens.  Members began arriving just after 8.00 am and work on a number of projects began.  With one of “Turf Conditioning Services” workers stuck in traffic Freebie ran the top dresser for the first eight greens, thanks John.

  • Smudging the sand in on the greens – Bruce, Ron and John F.  This had to done both before and after the greens were seeded and fertilised.

The 6th ready to be smudged a 2nd time

Ron and John always happy in the service.

  • Seeding and fertilising the greens – Twig and Hugh.

The boys were just too quick to catch on camera.

  • Raking up and carting away leaves, twigs, pine needles, bark and small branches – Wendy, Lorraine, Bruce, Jenny, Roger, Darlene

Wendy and Jenny working between the 4th and 5th fairways..

Piles of pine needles ready to be picked up and carted away.

Darlene and Roger fill up another load.

  • Raising and levelling the men’s 3rd tee – Kev, Scotty, Chris with some late assistance from Mick Snr.

The wooden edges are in and levelling begins.

Loading cores to raise the tee.

Unloading cores to level the tee.

Just about finished, well done one and all.

  • Mulching the garden behind the 3rd, also clearing the way for surface water to flow behind the 4th tee. – Tony

Loading the mulch and clearing the way for surface water to get away from behind the 3rd green.

Unloading mulch onto the garden along the fence behind the 3rd green.

  • Checking the fairway sprinklers – Twig and Hugh.  All sprinklers checked to ensure correct spray distance and fall.  Some had to be adjusted at the sprinkler or in the valve box.

Well, the 2nd fairway is OK, now on to the rest.

  • Moving sand bins – Tony a simple swap of 15th for 16th to allow for better location of NTP markers for the 15th

Sorry, no pics

  • Building a new tee for the practise green – Scotty, Tony and Chris

New tee between the 8th tee and the 16th green.

  • Sanding back and repainting all cups – Lorraine and Wendy

A bit of invention always helps out with these sticky jobs.

  • Keeping the troops well fed and watered. – Elaine did her usual wonderful job here.  Much appreciated.


Written by Romsey Golf Club

Romsey Golf Club (RGC) golf course has been at Romsey Park since 1922. We care for and improve the ~80% of Romsey Park that makes up the Golf Course. Currently we have twelve greens and 18 tees. The course ratings are; Blue Tees; Men - Par 72, ACR 72, Slope 124. Women - Par 76, ACR 77, Slope 129. Red Tees; Men - Par 70, ACR 68, Slope 114. Women - Par 71, ACR 73, Slope 119. Indigenous, native trees and bushes are planted to make the park/course more attractive to golfers, community members and native insects, birds, reptiles and small mammals, to provide shade and wind control and for carbon abatement. RGC is a totally volunteer run club. We hold mixed competitions on Wednesdays (9.00 am for 9.30 am hit-off) and on Saturdays (11.30 am for 12.00 pm hit-off). Competition fees are $10.00. Twilight golf runs every Friday (~4.00 pm on) between November and March; $5.00 for golf.