A strong field took to the 12 hole, Old Course today for a round of mixed/women’s Canadian.  The new tee markers made and put in place by Trevor Turnham look great and thanks go to Trevor for this fine work.  Spring is certainly in the air with a heavy shower early in the round followed by full sunshine for the remainder. A strong westerly wind prevailed for most of the round making some holes easier but creating a strong headwind on others.

Winners; John Freestone/Jenny Hartley – 58/18/40 from Wendy Gosden/Darlene Baker – 62/18/44.

NTPs; 8th – John Freestone, 10th – Hugh Williams

Written by Romsey Golf

Romsey Golf Club (RGC) golf course has been at Romsey Park since 1921. We care for and improve the ~70% of Romsey Park that makes up the Course. Currently we have twelve greens and 18 tees. The course rating is men - Par 72 Slope 124 and Women - Par 73, Slope 119. Indigenous native trees and bushes are planted to make the park/course more attractive to golfers, community members and native insects, birds, reptiles and small mammals, to provide shade and wind control and for carbon abatement. RGC is a totally volunteer run club. We hold Women's & Men's competitions on Wednesdays (9.00 am for 9.30 am hit-off) and Men's & Women's competitions on Saturdays (11.30 am for 12.00 pm hit-off). Twilight golf runs every Friday (4.30 pm on) between November and February ($5.00 for golf and $5.00 for a light meal).