Saturday October 19th – 4Ball Aggregate Stableford

With grass growing at a prodigious rate members had been very busy trying to control the rough as well as keep the fairways respectable, by late Friday all seemed to be OK. The greens had recovered well from their recent coring and, while still a little furry, generally putted very true and at good pace.  The thick cover on the fairways and some rain late in the week saw everyone lose distance off the tee.  A few wet areas around some of the greens also caused problems.

Wednesday October 16th – Rd 1 2019 Singles Knock-out

A small field hit off in light rain in the 2019 Singles Knockout.  The course was heavy and the rough rather thick in places, in other areas the mowers had been able to catch up with the spring growth.  The greens are continuing to improve after coring and, if still a little “furry” are  running true.  The day’s results were;

Winner; Jenny Hartley  – 105/23/82 from Wendy Gosden – 111/27/84.

Least Putts; Wendy Gosden – 28

Monday October 14th – Jean Whalder Bowl – Alexandra G. C.

Wendy Gosden, Jenny Hartley and Beryl Cole represented RGC at  Alexandra for the Jean Whalder Bowl. This bowl, unlike all  other bowls in the Dalhousie District, is a stroke event .  The course was in good condition and the weather was kind to us although the rain did threaten to fall at one stage

The bowl was won by an Alexandra team with 227.

Wendy won the C grade trophy with a net 70.

Saturday October 12th – Par

For the 1st time in two weeks the greens had been mown but they still showed the recent deep coring so putting remanded a challenge.  After a cold week with some rain the weather improved over Friday and Saturday and more golfers were out on the course.  After the recent coring the greens were still a little slow with uneven roll, golfers had to be committed to their putts or risk ending up well short of the cup. The fairways were in top nick, the burst of spring growth has seen the members flat-out keeping the fairways and rough under control.  Par is always a quick round with players being able to pick-up on a bad hole and a all groups were back in the rooms by around 4.15pm.  On a beautiful spring day the results were;

Winner; Keith Hocking (20)  +2 C/B from Mal Mottram (11) & Mick Nicholls Jnr (16) +1

NTPs; 15th – Ron Walker & 16th – Shannon Wright

Thursday October 10th – Annette Wiber Memorial Tournament – Woodend G. C.

The Annette Wiber Memorial Tournament was conducted in chilly, wet conditions for most of the round. Recent spring rain meant the grass was thick and lush which provided very little run on the fairways. The greens were very well presented but, as always at Woodend, reading the slope, break and speed was tricky.  On a challenging day for all, Kilmore’s Sandra Wicking 90 (HC 11)  won the Scratch Event on the first playoff hole from Trentham’s Sue Byrne  90 (13) .
Scoring was difficult; Darlene Baker (18) had the best Stableford Score of the day with 28 points winning the A Grade Stableford event and earning herself 5 Player of the Year points.
Players were rewarded with a welcome glass of champagne and a lovely lunch once they made their way back to the clubhouse; much appreciated by all.

Thursday October 10th – Doris Chambers Foursomes – Sanctuary Lakes G. C.

The Doris Chambers Final was played at Sanctuary Lakes  in chilly cloudy conditions. Jenny Hartley and Wendy Gosden made the early morning trip to represent Romsey.  The course was in great condition with a lot of run on the fairways and very fast greens, some of the rough had been left very long.  Everyone found the going tough, especially if one strayed from the fairway or found one of the many bunkers.  The RGC team finished with a score of 26 stableford points which was the highest in their group of three pairs.

Wednesday October 9th – Texas Ambrose

The green keepers got their revenge with some very tricky pin placements and when combined with the recently cored greens scoring was particularly difficult !!! Thankfully the Texas Ambrose format allowed some leeway but the scores reflected the challenge.   In the 12 hole event the results were
1st; Jenny Hartley and Darlene Baker – 33 pts
2nd; Kath Jekabsons and Wendy Gosden    31 pts

Monday October 7th – Alexandra Bowl – Alexandra G. C.

It was a perfect day for golf at the rescheduled Alexandra Bowl. There was not a breath of wind, it wasn’t too hot or too cold and the course was in very good condition.
Romsey Golf Club was represented by Wendy Gosden, Jenny Hartley and Darlene Baker, who, as a team, recorded a combined score of 95 Stableford points. The winning team from Mansfield ( on countback from Alexandra) had 96 points, it was very close at the top end!!  When scores are that close everyone involved laments the missed putts and shonky chips to the green. Congratulations Mansfield.
A Grade winner was Jenny Coleman while Jillian Chandler had the best score of the day and was the winner of B Grade with 35 stableford points.
Wendy was runner up in B Grade and earned herself 3 Player of The Year points along with Darlene who scored 1 point ( and nearest the pin on the 5th). Jillian 5 points, Jenny Coleman 4 and Glenda Woods 2 took out the other available POTY points.

Saturday October 5th – Texas Ambrose (Green Keeper’s Revenge)

A strong field assembled for the club’s Texas Ambrose round. Golfers play off their own handicap, with  teams of three each player must take a minimum of four drives.  After  taking the best drive individuals then  play out their own ball and the two best stableford scores on each hole are recorded for the team.   After the recent coring the greens were un-mown and more than challenging, add to this some extremely unusual and often devious pin placements and just getting close to the cup was a great achievement.  The round began under slightly overcast skies and jumpers were on.  Soon enough he skies cleared and the weather warmed and polo shirts of many colours were to be seen across the course.  It was a day for the courageous, approach shots needed to be”spot on” and putts had to be very firm but even the best golfers could not predict how a ball would react if it hit a core hole.  After the round some very creative language used to describe the individuals who had placed the cups on the greens.  On a very challenging, yet enjoyable, afternoon the results were;

Winners; Kev Dunn (27)/Shannon Wright (10)/Mick Nichols Jnr (16) – 86 pts from Lis Manktelow(24)/Sherif  Abdel-Sayed (24)/Chris Manktelow(35) – 81 pts & Jim Patton(20)/Mick Squire(5)/Pat Chisholm(13) – 79 pts

NTPs; 15th – Pat Chisholm

Wednesday October 2nd – Ambrose

Players assembled for Ambrose in great spring weather.  The greens are coming along well and work continues on the spoon drains and new areas with seeding and rolling.

Darlene Baker, Elaine Scanlon and Sherif Abdel-Sayed handled the course well – 78/12/66 narrowly defeating Jenny Hartley, Kath Jekabsons and Wendy Gosden – 80/13.5/66.5