Saturday January 16th – Texas Ambrose

Play began on an overcast morning with a 30+KpH wind from the SW; gusts  moved balls in the air and on a few of the greens    With the course a little softer after the ~10mm of rain over night the longer hitters had the advantage.  So far bird damage has been less than in past years but only the hard work of Steve Wilkins has seen the greens in their best possible condition.  Texas Ambrose allows each team to count their best two stableford scores on each hole and scores in the 80s or above are common.  It was a cold round but towards the final few holes the temperature did creep up to about 20º.  On a chilly, windy day the results were;

Winners; John Freestone (23)/Mitch Atlas (8)/Ron Walker (25)/Mick Nicholls Snr (23) – 105pts

NTPs; 1st – Mick Squire, 16th – Mitch Atlas

Wednesday January 13th – Stroke

An early start was called to beat the heat that was forecast for the Stroke Round.  It’s great to now see the visible couch grass on the fairways in many places, which is exciting and bodes well for the future.  Our volunteers have obviously been out and about on the course mowing, watering and maintaining, and repairing the damage from the pesky corellas.   The greens are very good considering the number of birds on the course at the moment. The first Rose Scanlon event of the year produced some very good scores with Wendy Gosden (29) recording a Nett 69 with a fine chip in on the final hole.   Darlene Baker (21) had a tremendous front nine with 36 off the stick which included 4 birdies and ultimately recorded a Nett 63 to claim first place, well done.  On a warm morning the results were;
1st; Darlene Baker – 84/21/63
2nd; Wendy Gosden – 98/29/69
3rd;  Jenny Hartley – 96/24/72



Saturday January 9th – Stroke

With Golf continuing the 2021 syllabus, Bowls returning  a week early and matches being reduced to 21 ends the shared rooms were once under more pressure.  Committee members from both clubs met for the 2nd time to discuss the best options for the two clubs to use the rooms.  The golf club agreed to begin at 10.30am and, after sanitising all tables, bar and toilets, be out of the rooms by 4.00pm so that the bowlers could get access.  The stroke round began under clear skies with virtually no wind.  The ~50mm of rain earlier in the week saw the fairways in top condition and the greens rolling true and at a good pace.  Given the conditions good scoring was expected and a number of players returned scores at or better than their handicaps.  On a stunning summer’s afternoon the results were;

Winner; Steve Wilkins – 86/18/68 from Mick Squire – 74/5/69 and Keith Hocking – 102/30/72

Women’s Winner; Lis Manktelow – 99/26/73

NTPs; 1st – Anthony Lakey, 15th – Keith Hocking.

Raffle results

1st – Hugh rummond

2nd – Keith Hocking

3rd – Peter Scanlon

Wednesday January 6th – Ambrose

With the temperature hovering around 10° and a persistent drizzle it felt more like winter than summer as players headed off to the first tee for a round of Ambrose.   Teams of three competed on a heavy course made wetter by the almost 50mm of recent rain. The fairways had excellent cover and the greens that have not been attacked by the corellas were in great condition.  On a chilly morning the results were;

1st; Mitch Atlas(8)/Jenny Hartley(24)/Sherif Abdel Sayed(27) – 70/9.8/60.2
2nd; Darlene Baker(21)/Elaine Scanlon(32)/Kath Jekabsons(36) – 85/14.8/70.2
3rd; Andrew Laing(17)/Steve Wilkins(18)/Wendy Gosden(29) – 81/10.6/70.4

Saturday January 2nd – 4B Multiplier Stableford

As the field assembled all the talk was “just how long will we be out there?”  The hooter was on the table and players were told that should the predicted thunderstorm arrive they were to mark their ball and either head back to the rooms or the shed, whichever was closest.  In the end the rain missed Romsey completely and apart from a strong NW wind late in the day players just had to deal with the usual challenges  of the course.  The 4B Multiplier format gave each team the chance to use a good hole score to catch up, equally a run of bad scores put the team well behind.  On another beautiful summer’s day the results were;

Winners; Rohan Stott/Matt Hoyt – 92 pts from Hugh & Pam Drummond – 88 pts & Chris vanDerVliet/Scott Williams – 71 pts

NTP; 1st – Andrew Laing, 15th – Mick Nicholls Snr & 16th – Rohan Stott

Raffle Results;

1st – Bob McLennan

2nd – Rob Rea

3rd – Anthony Lakey

2021 – Friday January 1st – Stableford

New Year’s Day dawned clear and cool with no sign of the predicted rain and the course in top nick.  All  golfers were eager to get out on the course, some to test out a recent “Chrissie” present others to just stretch their legs and enjoy a game.  The long billed corellas have returned and begun their annual savaging of the greens, so far only four greens have been effected so fingers crossed the birds will do little further damage.  The round was one of highs and lows, many players had a run of “three pointers” then a series of wipes.  In the end it all came down to a count back, over the back nine,  back six, back three then hole by hole to decide the winner.  On another top summer’s day the results were;

Winner; Scott Williams (18) – 37 pts C/B from Andrew Clement (9) &  Steve Wilkins (18) 35 pts


Saturday December 26th – Boxing Day Stableford

A strong field assembled  at 8.00 for an 8.30 start and all were eager to get out on the course before the day heated up. It  was wonderful  to welcome back Michael McCarten who had just finished basic training  at Kapooka in NSW.  The rain of Mon and Tue, ~35mm, saw most of the course in excellent condition with good cover on the fairways and surrounds.  Recent maintenance works to the greens mower saw fast and true greens.  The Santa Ana couch grass, sown in mid Nov, is now coming through and quite easily seen.  The season has been almost perfect for the couch grass sprigs and the club is eagerly looking forward to mid/late Feb when the cover should much greater.  The clear, still conditions saw some excellent golf with with a good number of players shooting better, at or just below their handicaps. On a beautiful early summer’s morning the results were;

Winner; Andrew Laing (19) – 41 pts from Mitch Atlas (9) – 38 pts, Mick Nicholls Snr (24) 37 pts, Ryan Davies (22) – 37 pts & John Freestone (24) – 36 pts

Saturday December 19th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

For the first time in many, many months the players were able to meet in the rooms before the round.  With both the Golf Season and the Bowls Season being turned upside down the shared rooms have become more than problematic.  Both clubs were playing competition and then having Christmas Drinks but the combined numbers were too large for the one location.  For this day the Management Committee agreed that the Golf Club would use the rooms while the Bowls Club would use the outside undercover area.  The course was refreshed by the 7mm of rain on Wednesday and the additional irrigation designed to give the Santa Ana couch grass the best possible start.  Conditions were good for the December Medal; some excellent scoring was expected and a number of players rose to the occasion.  The day’s results were;

Winner and December Medalist; Ryan Davies – 90/22/68 from Davie Kenney – 89/20/69, & Rob Slade – 93/24/69

Women’s Winner; Lis Manktelow – 92/21/71

NTPs; 1st -Les Gaunt, 15th – Andrew Clement, 16th – Mal Mottram

Least Putts; John Freestone & Les Gaunt – 26  (Could not be separated on a count-back)

The day also saw presentations for the small number of annual events that had been concluded.

The Algie Mitchell Shield – Davey Kenney with RGC Captain Mal Mottram

The W. E. Tom Shield – Simon Donovan & Ryan Davies with RGC Captain Mal Mottram

The Ken & Helene Newnham Shield (Medal of Medallists) – Toby Clement

The  Rose Scanlon Shield – Darlene Baker

The President’s & Captains Award (For Conspicuous Service) – Hugh Drummond with RGC Captain Mal Mottram

Recognition for efforts during the major works program across Romsey Park (Sponsored by The Romsey Bottle-O)

Bruce Robb, Clive Mensforth, John Freestone, Mal Mottram, Hugh Drummond, Steve Wilkins & Andrew Clement. (Ron Walker absent)


Wednesday December 16th – Stableford

A small but dedicated group of golfers took to the course in chillier than expected conditions. A starting temperature of 11°C slowly increased to a warmer 22°C by the end of the round.   The dreaded corellas have returned and a flock of ~80 were seen around the twelfth tee, hopefully they confine themselves to the fairways although last time they did venture out onto the oval.  The course is still quite green and well grassed with the greens looking very good and playing well. Congratulations and thanks to our volunteer workforce who have done a super job all year. Results of the Stableford Event

1st ; Rob Slade – (26) 38 points
2nd; Jenny Hartley – (24) 35 pts
3rd; Sherif Abdel-Sayed – (27) 30pts

Saturday December 12th – 4BBB Stroke

Another wonderful early summer’s day, bright sunshine and a NE wind that seemed content to blow a bit at noon then just spend the afternoon wandering quietly among the trees.  While there were a few damaged spots on a few fairways, they had generally recovered well from the couch sprigging and the radical bounces of the last two weeks were much more uncommon.  The corellas had returned but their numbers were still low so only slight damage to a few of the greens. The good conditions saw some excellent scoring with a number of pairs well under par. Highlights of the day were two outstanding shots on the par 3 15th and 16th.  On a top day for golf the results were

Winners; Rob Slade/Davey Kenney – 63 from Lis & Chris Manktelow- 63, Mal Mottram/Mick Nicholls Snr – 65 & Rob  & Bill Bretherton – 66

NTPs; 15th – Sherif Abdel-Sayed, 16th – Mal Mottram