Wednesday May 24th – Stableford

The round began on a crisp, late autumn morning with a gentle breeze blowing from the south.  The cold air and soft fairways made for challenging second shots with many players selecting long irons to approach the green.  The fairways were in top condition and the greens continue to putt very true however the heavy dew meant all players had to putt with conviction to the cup, so it was a tough to post a good score.  The morning’s results were;

Winner; Jenny Hartley (36) –   34 pts from Darlene Baker (23) – 30 pts

Men’s Winner; Michael McCarten (15) 30 pts (including a top birdie on the Par 3, 164m  1st)

Saturday May 20th – Rd 3 Men’s 2017 Club Championships

The final round of the 2017 men’s championships had everyone looking to B Grade for a close result.  In A Grade Dean Jones seemed to have it pretty much sewn up.  The recent warm, late autumn weather saw the course in excellent nick and, despite the 10mm of rain over night, conditions remained fairly consistent for the three weeks of the championships.  The day began under cool overcast skies but gradually the sun came out and the afternoon warmed.  Again the colder air and the soft fairways saw everyone lose distance off the tee but the greens were holding well so well played approach shots held on the greens,  The temporary green, on the bird damaged 16th, was a bit of a gamble and all players really needed to putt with confidence, par on this hole was an excellent score.  Despite a  number of players putting in good front nines one golfer, playing well under his handicap, jumped ahead and was able to hold his nerve to record an excellent win. On a still, cool day the results were;

Day’s Winner – Michael McCarten – 82/17/65 from Andrew Laing – 90/19/71

NTPs; 1st, 15th & 16th – Dean Jones

2017 Romsey Golf Club Champion; Dean Jones – 226

2017 Romsey Golf Club B Grade Champion;  Michael McCarten – 271

Laurie Thompson Shield (Best Nett by a junior); Michael McCarten – 217

Peter Scanlon Shield (Best nett by a player 55yrs+); Dean Jones -220

John Jeffries Shield (best overall nett); Michael McCarten – 217

Seniors Cup (Best nett by a player 70 Yrs+); Bob McLennan – 232, C/B from Ron Walker

2017 Winners Michael McCarten, RGC Capt Anthony Lakey, Bob McLennan & Dean Jones

2017 RGC Champions Kath Jekabsons & Dean Jones

Wednesday May 17th – Rd 3 2017 Women’s Club Championships

Another cool, still morning with plenty of dew across the course however the course was playing longer than over the last few weeks.  The final round of the 2017 Club Championships saw previous champion, Kath Jekabsons was paired with relative new comer and 2nd place holder, Jenny Hartley so a tight competition was guaranteed.  Other golfers took advantage of the benign conditions to post excellent scores.  Highlights included a “gobbler” by Beryl Cole on the 159m Par 3 third and a birdie by Darlene Baker on the 364m Par 5 fourth.  In the men’s competition exciting junior, Michael McCarten played brilliantly and really had a field day.  On a very pleasant morning the day’s results were;

Winner; Darlene Barker – 95/23/72 from evergreen veteran Leila Beasley – 114/39/75

Least Putts; Beryl Cole – 29

Men’s Winner; Michael McCarten (18) – 45 pts

2017 Womens Club Champion; Kath Jekabsons – 328

2017 Women’s Nett Champion; Jenny Hartley (38) – 228

Following the round everyone enjoyed a meal in the clubrooms and life member, Helene Newnham, presented the 2017 Championship’s Nett award to Jenny.

Saturday May 13th – Rd 2 Men’s Club Championships

The field teed off under overcast skies with merely a zephyr from the south.  Soon enough the sun came out and the afternoon warmed a little making for a very pleasant round of golf.  The cold air and the soft fairways saw all but the longest hitters lose distance off the tee.  Again, heavy dews, soft fairways and the plentiful grass clippings saw “Mark, Lift, Clean & Replace” given.  Steady golf from a number of players saw the day’s competition looking like a battle between three then one player shot ahead before a disastrous 14th saw him fall back to the field.  One highlight of the day saw Dean Jones play his second shot on the par 4, 365m 4th from the within the branches of a large old tree.  Deano was able to hack it back onto the fairway then par the hole!  On a very pleasant day the results were;

Winner; Dean Jones – 74/3/71 from Jim Patton – 93/20/93 & Ron Walker – 97/24/73

NTPs; 1st – Anthony Freeman, 15th – Michael McCarten & 16th – Jim Patton

2017 Club Championships

A Grade – Dean Jones – 148

B Grade – Jim Patton – 187, Michael McCarten – 189, Mick Nicholls Jnr – 191 & Scott Williams – 191

Wednesday May 10th – 2nd Rd 2017 Women’s Club Championships

The field hit-off on a perfect late autumn morning, the course was covered by the night’s very heavy dew but skies were clear and there was no wind.  Again all players found their drives shorter than usual and the par fives proved a real challenge with the wet fairways greatly reducing run.  The greens continued to putt very true but players had to really attack the cup to to get their desired result.  On a great morning for golf the results were;

Winner; Jenny Hartley – 113/37/76

Least Putts; Darlene Baker – 28, C/B from Jenny Hartley

2017 Club Championships – Rd Two

Kath Jekabsons – 223 from Jenny Hartley – 228.

Sunday May 7th – Pennant Rd 5 – KIlmore G. C.

The final round of the 2017 pennant season and certainly one place in the final was up for grabs.  Romsey took on Mt Macedon, the day began clear and warmish but by mid afternoon the sky had clouded over and intermittent rain fell.  The Kilmore course was in good nick so, with steady golf, a win was there for the taking.  Our boys fought out another win to bring us within a whisker of the final with 3.5 wins (but only 17.5 matches).

Tony Freeman – W 3/2, John Freestone – W 5/4, Scott Williams – W 3/2, Andrew Laing – L 4/3, Michael McCarten – L 2/1   Rob Rea – W 3/2, Sherif Abdel-Sayed – L 1 down

Romsey D Mt Macedon – 4/3

Lancefield D Hidden Valley – 5/2

Kilmore D Woodend  – 6/1

The Final will be between Lancefield (4 wins) and Kilmore (3.5 wins 21 matches), congrats to both teams and good luck in the final on May 21st.  RGC would like to thank Rob Rae and John Freestone (Team co-captains) as well as Anthony Freeman, Michael Nicholls Snr, Michael McCarten, Andrew Laing, Chris vanDerVliet, Scott Williams and Sherif Abdel-Sayed for their time and efforts during the 2017 Pennant Golf season.

Saturday May 6th – Rd 1 2017 Men’s Club Championships

The 2017 Club Championships began under clear skies with steady sunshine and almost no wind.  This held for the first hour and a half before intermittent rain, a gusting northerly wind and dark clouds held sway.  Wet weather gear came out, gloves and club grips became wet and the round became much more challenging.  After the heavy dews and recent rains it was decided to allow “Mark, Lift, Clean & Replace” across the course.  The fairways were soft but the ball bounced true.  The greens were in good nick and those who attacked the hole got good returns.  Whilst the rain and wind upset many rounds a number of players were able to handle the difficult conditions and return excellent scores.  On a challenging day the results were;

Winner; Ron Rea – 88/19/69 from Dean Jones – 74/2/72, John Freestone – 94/22/72, Mick Nicholls Jnr – 94/22/72, Carl vanDerVliet – 85/12/73, Bob McLennan – 85/12/73 & Jim Patton – 94/21/73

NTPs; 16th – Hugh Drummond.

A Grade Leader; Dean Jones – 74

B Grade Leader;   Rob Rea – 88

Wednesday May 3rd – 1st Round 2017 Women’s Club Championships

Play got underway on a chilly morning with plenty of dew on the fairways and greens.  All players lost distance off the tee courtesy of the cold air and the soft fairways.  The greens putted very true and, if you got there second, there were a number of clear marks to guide your putt.  Throughout the morning the sun shone through then disappeared behind the clouds and most players had to get used to the heavier clothing required by the morning’s chill.   Many players had the opportunity to get a good start in the championships but, whether it was nerves, cold hands or just a little too casual golf,  most did not capitalise on their position. The morning’s results were;

Winner; Jenny Hartley – 115/38/77

Least Putts; Kath Jekabsons – 27

Round 1 Club Champs;

Kath Jekabsons – 112, Jenny Hartley – 115

Sunday April 30th – Rd 4 2017 Pennant – Mt Macedon G. C.

The Mount Macedon Golf Course was in top nick, the greens their usual high standard and the fairways lush and even after the late April rains.  The RGC team were looking good for a 5/2 win with only a few holes to go but, a spot of wind here and a slice there, and we were down to an All Square.  Our results were; Anthony Freeman L – 2/1, Sherif Abdel-Sayed – AS, Michael McCarten W – 2/1, John Freestone W – 2/1, Andrew Laing W – 3/2, Chris vanDerVliet L – 7/6 & Scott Williams L – 1 down.

Romsey AS Woodend  – 3.5/3.5

Kilmore D Hidden Valley – 4/3

Lancefield D Mt Macedon – 5/2

The final round at Kilmore G. C. will be all important.  Top team Lancefield (3 wins, 17 matches) seems in to be the final.  The other spot is between Kilmore (2.5 wins, 17 matches), Woodend (2.5 wins, 14 matches) and rough outsider Romsey (2.5 wins, 12 matches)

Saturday April 29th – Monthly Medal – Stroke & Putts

A strong field, men and women, teed off to contest the April Medal.  The day was cool and overcast and the fairways and greens were still very soft from the recent rains.  The cool air and soft fairways saw only the best drivers leave themselves with reasonable approach shots; most others faced far longer shots to the greens.  The greens still showed some unevenness courtesy of the damage done but the Little Corellas but they are rapidly returning to their best.  As the round progressed the clouds lifted and the sun came out making for a very pleasant back nine.  A number of players were “right in it” until one or two disastrous holes saw them fall out of contention.  In the end it was a battle between two former clubs champions.  The day’s results were;

Men’s Winner & April Medalist; Les Gaunt – 75/5/70 from Andrew Clement – 82/11/71 & Mick Nicholls Jnr – 95/22/73

Women’s Winner & April Medalist; Kath Jekabsons – 111/25/86

NTPs; 1st – Jim Patton, 15th – Andrew Laing

Least Putts; Andrew Clement – 24