The Romsey Open

This annual event was first played in 1982, it is a 24 hole stroke event that has been played on the first Sunday of June.  The Romsey Open attracts golfers from many of the Dalhousie District clubs and from clubs further afield.  The Saturday before “The Open” is an 18 hole, pair’s stableford event, from 2016 on the teams will be mixed, women’s and men’s.  Prior to this we held an RGC shield event – Relative Pairs –  instead of women’s pairs.

The Open consists of two rounds of 12 holes on “The Old Course”with a relaxed lunch in between.  Our version of Atlanta’s famous “Amen Corner” is three consecutive par 3s of 145m, 182m and 110m; many an open has been won or lost on these three holes.  Each year a cart tours the course offering hot soup, cold drinks and a variety of other refreshments.

There are am and pm handicap awards, A (~+3 to -7), B (~-8 to -15) and C (~-16 on) grade stroke and handicap awards as well as a variety of NTP and longest drive type prizes.

The Romsey Open is a great way to catch up with old friends, meet new ones and play some good golf on a tough course.

The report from the 2010 Romsey Open

The Report and RomseyTourn11 from the 2011 Romsey Open

The Report and Scores from the 2013 Romsey Open

The Report from the 2014 Romsey Open

The Report and Scores from the 2015 Romsey Open

Thre Report and Scores from the 2016 Romsey Open

The RGC-Open’17Report and RGC-’17OpenResults from the 2017 Romsey Open

The 37th Romsey Open will be played over the weekend of Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd of June 2018.

The Romsey Challenge Bowl

The Romsey Bowl is an 18 hole women’s team stableford event, it was first played in 1993.  The bowl has consistently attracted large fields from the Dalhousie District clubs as well as from clubs closer to Melbourne.

The Bowl has been traditionally held in the 2nd week of July but due to persistent heavy rain the 2010 event was postponed until the 1st week of December.  The Bowl was again held in December in 2011, in 2012 it was held in early May and in 2013 it was in early April.  The club hopes that early April will become the regular time for this event.

The report from the 2010 Romsey Challenge Bowl.

The report from the 2011 Romsey Challenge Bowl

The report from the 2012 Romsey Challenge Bowl

The report from the 2013 Romsey Challenge Bowl

The Gary Watts Shield

This event honours long time club member Gary Watts, the shield was struck in recognition of Gary’s many years of work with the juniors at the club. The event was first played in 2007, in the 1st week of October.  It mirrored the Romsey Open (24 holes etc) and was for 14&U, 16&U and 18&U boys and 18&U girls.

In 2010, with the advent of the Macedon Ranges Junior Golf Tournament, it was decided to make the Romsey round of this event the Gary Watts Shield. The Shield is won by the boy and girl with the day’s best gross scores.

In the future the Shield may once again become a stand alone event.

Congratulations to Riley McDonald – 80 (Strathbogie)  and Molly McLean – 99 (Rosebud) the 2017 winners of the Gary Watts Shield

The Macedon Ranges Junior Golf Tournament

This event began as a 54 hole event played over the Labour Day weekend in March.  In early January of 2016 Lancefield Golf Club withdrew from the tournament leaving it as a 36 hole event.  Over the years the age groups have changed slightly, generally the age groups are U15, U18 and U21 boys and U21 girls however these will vary depending on the ages of the competitiors.  Successive dry and very hot summers have seen our courses hard and dry, in the future the event will be held over the second weekend of August when the courses will be in better condition.

One round of 18 holes is played at each of Mt Macedon and Romsey golf courses.  The final day of the event rotates through the two clubs.  (In 2013 Woodend G. C. withdrew from the event, their place was taken by Mount Macedon G. C.)

The boy and girl with the best gross score, over the three rounds, wins the title of Macedon Ranges Junior Golf Champion

The Report of the 2010 MRJGT

The Report on the 2011 MRJTThe Scores from the 2011 MRJGT

The Report and Scores from the 2012 MRJGT.

The Report and Scores from the 2013 MRJGT.

The Report and Scores from the 2014 MRJGT

The Report and Scores from the 2015 MRJGT

The Report and Scores from the 2016 MRJG

The MRGJT-Report’17 and MRJT-ClubsScores17 from the 2017 MRJGT

Congratulations to the 2016 MRJGT champions; Riley McDonald – (3.1) 146 (Strathbogie), as no girls played both days there is no 2017 MRJGT Girls Champion

The 9th MRJGT will be held at Romsey  (Saturday) and  Mt Macedon (Sunday) G. Cs. over the weekend Xxx 2018

The Chris Gaunt Cup

This award honours current golf professional Chris Gaunt.  Chris learnt his golf at Romsey and, from an early age, represented, the club at the highest level.  This event was first played in 2009 as part of the Gary Watts Shield and the initial Lancefield Junior Tournament.  At that time the award was for the best handicap score over the two rounds by a Lancefield or Romsey player.
In 2010 it was decided to include this award as part of the Macedon Ranges Junior Golf Tournament and to open it up to all competitors in that tournament.  It is now for the best handicap performance by a boy and a girl, over the three rounds, of the Macedon Ranges Junior Golf Tournament.

Congratulations to the 2017 Chris Gaunt Cup winners –  Riley McDonald – (4) 146/138 (Strathbogie), as no girls played both days there is no 2017 Chris Gaunt Cup Girls winner

The Macedon Ranges Spring Cup

This event can a handicap stroke or stableford event played between Romsey G. C. and Mt Macedon G. C.  It was first played at Romsey G. C. in 2014.  Drummond Golf, Niddrie sponsor the day and a perpetual shield is awarded to the team winners.  Players from other clubs are also most welcome.

It is planned for the event to be played on a Sunday in September or October.

The 2014 shield was played at RGC 24 hole, The old Course, the result was; Romsey – 1312.6 D Mt Macedon – 1382.3. (Top 15 handicap scores.)

The Report and Scores from the 2014 MRSC

The 2015 shield was played at MMGC, the result  was; Mt Macedon – 34.5 D Romsey – 30.4 (Average Stableford points per player)

The 2016 MRSC was washed out at Romsey when drainage problems forced the closure of the course for most of September and October

The 2017 MRSC will be held at Mt Macedon on Saturday September 23rd.