Romsey Golf Club

Established 1922

Following the Premier’s announcement on May 11th  re the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, Romsey Golf Club has adopted Golf Australia’s Covid-19 “Return to Play” Guidelines – Victoria and DHHS return to sport specific to golf.

Green Fee Players

are welcome providing they book in with club first and abide with the following conditons.

    1. All green fee players to book a Tee Time through the Secretary prior to commencing golf. Please text, phone or email.
  1. On registration with secretary players will need to provide given name and mobile phone number which will be kept securely in club files accessed only by Secretary or President of Club or a State Government Authorised body. This has been a directive from the State Government.
  2. Ideally, on booking a phone EPOS transaction can occur instead of cash in the Green Fees box on the 1st tee. This can be done just prior to play as well.
  3. Please only arrive 10 minutes prior to your tee off time. If early, please stay in your car especially if there is congregating around 1st Maximum of a group of 10 people allowed outdoors
  4. Golf is only to commence from the 1st tee with groups consisting of 1,2,3 or 4 persons, players will be expected to keep at least two (2) metres apart at all times with no sharing of equipment
  5. Only people who are cohabiting may share a motorised golf buggy.
  6. Romsey Golf Club promotes individuals keeping own scorecard with verbal checking. If you wish for your social round to be entered into GolfLink please discuss when booking tee time.
  7. Flagsticks are in. There is a section of a pool noodle in the bottom of the cup.  If the ball goes into the hole and bounces out the ball is deemed to have been holed.
  8. Please move off quickly after your round
  9. Please bring your own sand bucket and hand sanitizer.  
  10. If you have any respiratory, cold, flu symptoms or sore throats please stay at home. If you contract Covid – 19 please contact secretary
  11. Please adhere to social distancing rules and general hygiene principles at all times

Committee – Romsey Golf Club

Written by Romsey Golf Club

Romsey Golf Club (RGC) golf course has been at Romsey Park since 1921. We care for and improve the ~75% of Romsey Park that is the Course. Currently we have twelve greens and 18 tees. The course rating is men - Par 72, ACR 72, Slope 124 and Women - Par 71, ACR 73, Slope 119. Indigenous native trees and bushes are planted to make the park/course more attractive to golfers, community members and native insects, birds, reptiles and small mammals, to provide shade and wind control and for carbon abatement. RGC is a totally volunteer run club. We hold mixed competitions on Wednesdays (9.00 am for 9.30 am hit-off) and on Saturdays (11.30 am for 12.00 pm hit-off). Twilight golf runs every Friday (4.30 pm on) between November and February ($5.00 for golf and $5.00 for a light meal).